Saturday, September 13, 2008

EchoLink Node FINALLY Up & Running.....

Just posted to Twitter a little while ago....

FINALLY got my EchoLink node UP & RUNNING - YEAH!!! I'm listed as KB0OXD-L (Node #39953). I'm monitoring now so FEEL FREE to call me.

Those of you who are in the Denver Area can access the node by tuning into 147.465 Mhz (100 Hz. PL **REQUIRED**) as this keeps any RF junk out - NOT THE HAMS :). One word of caution though, I AM DIRECTIONAL TOWARD THE SOUTH (In fact, I have a panoramic view of the Southern horizon). As such, you might not be able to get it in places North of my QTH (Look me up in any callbook as I'm good in 'em all) unless you have a really good setup.

Beyond the PL Tone Requirement, it's an OPEN ACCESS node. Just punch in the No. of the node you wish to punch up and when you're finished, simply hit the # key. Pretty simple really (And it's also standard with just about every EchoLink simplex node here so I'm told).

Soon, I'll setup Live Streaming Audio so people can listen in (Particularly those who aren't Hams) using SHOUTcast as the source. But you know as they say - BABY STEPS...BABY STEPS!!

Anyway, I just wanted to announce to the world that my RF link is FINALLY up & running and available for people to use. :)

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